RFTS Day 3 – Cold and sunny

The morning started with a run at 6:30. No, I’m not a morning person, but it’s the only way to get a run in before work, at least once a week.

Today, the sun showed up, not the warmth though. It was a brisk 8°C. I decided to wear my short tight anyway, as a sign of protest. It’s june, for heaven’s sake!

Having not spent a good night (I went through oral exams, waking up every hour) it was nice to clear my head and just listen to the zombies through my earphones. Today was luckily the last day of exams and I hope, I’ll sleep better tonight. In spite of being not at the „receiving“ but at the „giving“ end of exams, I still hate them.

So I got an 8,15 km run in before heading of to work with the nice feeling of having already done something just for me.

2014-06-03 06.57.22 2014-06-03 07.25.03

Even though the sofa at home looked very inviting, we decided to spend the evening at the gym to do some strength training. I hadn’t been there for 10 days for several reasons and apparently my abs are already on their way back to nothingness. Phew.

Tomorrow is going to be tempo-day. See ya!


2 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 3 – Cold and sunny

  1. Und – mit oder ohne Startnummer? Stimmt, damit werden eventuell mehr Leute darauf aufmerksam. 8 km Morgenlauf, prima!
    Liebe Grüße

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