RFTS Day 4 – Tempo!

So, that’s another 9,74 km today. 5,2 of them were a tempo run, where I discovered, that Brooks Pure Cadence make great shoes for getting some speed in. They are lightweight and encourage a landing towards the middle- or forefoot. I never wore them much for tempo-training, but with the everyday-running, I run out of shoes and have to rotate a bit. Worked out great!

The weather is not so great. Right now, as I’m writing, there’s a real downpour out there. This morning, when I ran, there were mostly clouds, a little wind and it looked quite chilly but… well, as usual I didn’t dress right because I’m always afraid of freezing at the end of the run. I got cooked instead, because it was like a greenhouse out there. Humid and warmish.

The tempo-run went really well, although it’s always the last kilometer that’s the toughest, regardless of how long I ran. O, well…

Today, two little girls asked me about my race bib. They wanted to know which race I ran today. So I explained to them that there are people all over the word doing the same thing right now, and they were quite impressed.

I ran bare feet at the end of my workout, some 700 m or so, and I discovered two things:

1. A pebble stuck under your toe is NOT comfortable cushioning.

2. Yes, it is possible to get an abrasion on the UPPER SIDE of your big toe. But don’t ask me how I managed that…

Now it’s back to the desktop and work… (motivation not found…)





2 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 4 – Tempo!

  1. Und weiter gehts, klasse, knappe 10 km! Aha, und Du hast auch das „Letzter-KM-Syndrom“… aber wenn man das mal erkannt hat, kannman es wie einen alten Bekannten begrüßen nach dem Motto, „Ach auch schon wieder da. Warte mal, ich lauf gerade noch zu Ende…“
    Liebe Grüße

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