RFTS Day 7 – my own little Badwater

I’m… (pant)… soooo…(pant)… toast!!! It’s „only“ about 25°C but it’s a killer! The sun came out and meant business. Summer came overnight with a sledgehammer. I don’t remember feeling that miserable on a long run. My body needs a few days to get adapted to the heat. Last week, we had around 10°C during the day. 15°C was considered warm, 18°C close to a furnace. And now: BAMM!

I left at 9 am thinking it would still be ok in the morning. I had planned to go mostly through the woods to be in the shade. I was wearing my white running cap, a t-shirt, a short tight and a backpack with a hydropack filled with a good liter of water.  I put some salt in it for the electrolytes because I thought, there might be some sweating involved. After about 3 km I realized, that my backpack that I bought in autumn and that I wore mostly with long sleeve and turtleneck shirts was chaffing. I fumbled with everything I could adjust but I couldn’t really solve the problem. I had to keep my buff around the neck which provided some – but not nearly enough – protection.

As I said, I had planned to go a lot through the woods. But the sun was positioned at such an angle that the trails were mostly exposed to direct sunlight. And there was still a lot of open space in between woods with some nice uphill.

2014-06-07 09.54.47

Sometimes there was a slight and very welcome breeze, but it stayed very humid, and I think that’s why the sweat didn’t provide enough cooling for me to feel comfortable.

Some nice people have recently installed a bench and a table in the middle of the fields which would have looked quite inviting, hadn’t it been placed in the sun. O yeah, and I forgot to bring the picnic and the cool beer along.

2014-06-07 10.00.59

It was surrounded by talking trees.

2014-06-07 10.01.26

„I am a cherry tree, tree of the year 2009, planted by the garden-association of Gunningen, april 2009.“

2014-06-07 10.01.17

„I am an apple tree (I guess so, because I don’t really know what it is, it has a very special name, but it looks a lot like an apple tree.), tree of the year 2010, planted by the garden-association in 2010.

I was feeling more and more cooked and I hoped that I would find a water-source of some kind in the village. There has to be a public fountain somewhere, but apparently, they keep it well hidden. I still had enough (warm) drinking-water in my hydropack but I was looking for a place to cool down. By the way… it was all uphill through the village. I finally discovered a rainwater-tank in a garden that had been placed close to the fence, so that I could reach over and soak my cap and slam it back on my head, dripping wet. That felt so good! At least for about 3 minutes when it had warmed up again. I was a little past the halfway-point in my run and there was going to be some forest with real shade this time. Still a lot uphill. I was so glad to finally see the downhill stretch which was much too short for me but very welcome none the less.

I was looking forward to seeing the beavers, but they stayed invisible. I’d love to meet one of those furry sawmills one day. Anyway, I soaked my cap in their muddy pond, thinking „What the hell, as long as I don’t drink it, I’ll be fine.“ I was thinking about Badwater a lot… I don’t think I will ever do this, but I read so much about it, and I dreamed of a crew, handing me ice or wet towels or anything to cool me down.

The last 3 km were really hard. Though there was a lot of downhill and some shade at the end, my neck really hurt from the chaffing and I felt a bit nauseous. I constantly looked at my heart-rate, making sure that I was alright. That was ok, but the heat was getting to me. I even sneaked into the cemetery to soak my cap again with tap-water, hoping that the dead wouldn’t mind too much.

When I came home, I was drenched in sweat. Actually, the only part of me and my clothes that was still dry were my socks. Could be that the Hokas provide some great climate-control or there was simply not enough sweat left for my feet. I didn’t run bare feet this time. The tarmac was too warm and I wanted to give my soles a rest for a day or two.

So, that’s another 16,17 km for today, and a total of 45,64 km for the month of June so far. Tomorrow will be a short distance only, but I’ll try to leave early (around 7 or 8 am) to avoid the worst of the heat.




Ein Kommentar zu “RFTS Day 7 – my own little Badwater

  1. Super gemacht, so einen langen Lauf bei dieser Hitze! War ja auch unterwegs und kann es Dir nachfühlen! Leider hatte ich keine Kappen-Wässern-Möglichkeiten unterwegs, hätte ich auch gern genutzt. Aber mal einen Stop am Friedhof dafür einzulegen, das ist eine prima Idee, muss ich mir merken!
    Keep on running!
    Liebe Grüße

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