RFTS Day 8 – gotta get up early!

The Run for the sun is more of a Run FROM the Sun at the moment. After the „Badwater-Experience“ yesterday, it was to be only a short 2,74 km around „my“ pond. This time, I left an hour earlier, at 8 am, and it wasn’t really cool, but in the shade you could feel the idea of cool.

2014-06-08 08.19.44 2014-06-08 08.19.55I met a lot of runners. Seems that Sunday early in the morning is a popular time. Not for me, cause I don’t usually get up too early on Sundays unless there’s work for me to do.

I didn’t do much barefoot running today, only some 200 or 300 m cause my left achilles tendon felt a little tight. Normally, I tend to ignore such small inconveniences, but I don’t want to be forced to drop out of the RFTS, that’s why I thought it might be better to be careful, and I put my shoes back on.

After the run, there was another „endurance-test“ as „my“ church choir was scheduled to sing this morning, and God, they were… I don’t know how to put it… I think „awful“ describes it the best. A lot of people didn’t turn up today (vacation, illness, stress…) and during the warm-up, everybody really screwed up the „Kyrie“. To save the day, I asked the organ player to play along, but the organ was so out of tune – must be the weather getting to it – that it didn’t make things any better.

Oh well, we got through the service somehow and in the end, it wasn’t that bad after all. Running gives me the calm of mind to endure such kind of challenges. But I was really close to force-feed the music sheets to some people. But that’s over now. They are usually really nice people and they sing quite well most of the time.

So that was a little excursion on everyday challenges in my packed and somewhat crazy life. Tomorrow’s going to be a short one again.

See you!


5 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 8 – gotta get up early!

  1. Lach, ja, auch eine Herausforderung, der Gesang…
    Gibt es eigentlich eine Mindestvorgabe für die täglichen Läufe? Oder für die Gesamtdistanz? Oder heißt es einfach nur laufen was das Zeug hält?
    Weiter viel Spaß und liebe Grüße

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