RFTS Day 9 – heat and endurance

Phew, it’s still hot! It’s the hottest Pentecost in history in this town. About 33°C, a lot more in the sun, I guess.

Everything is growing like crazy!

2014-06-09 08.37.28

The grass and the nettles near the pond are as tall as I am.

It was again the usual short run of 2,74 km. As the battery of my Garmin expired during the first five minutes, I had to rely on the GPS of my stupidphone, (they call it a smartphone officially, but I can assure you: it’s not.) and it added 200m. But I won’t cheat, that’s why I post the „official“ distance. I know, that Garmin can be incorrect some times, but every race I ran on an official course so far matched the distance displayed on the Garmin nearly perfectly. That’s why I tend to trust it more than I trust the phone. I finished with 500m bare feet, this time my achilles tendon stayed calm.

It was quiet at 8 am this time, I guess that everybody in town slept in to be prepared for the „Pfingstmarkt“. It’s the biggest event in this small town and it takes place every year on the Monday of Pentecost.

It’s a big market with stands all over the town center. Of course, there’s a lot to eat and to drink – as you might expect in Germany 😉 – but you can also buy lots of crazy or cool stuff, that you only get on those kinds of markets. There are products, you’ll never find in any store. My German readers will know, what I’m talking about. I don’t know, whether this kind of market exists in other countries, that’s why I‘ ll explain it a bit.

You’ll find clothes of all sorts, ethnic jewellery, frying pans, the ultimate towel to clean your car with, strange toys, army knives, flags of every country you can think of, homemade stuff, spices, vacuum cleaners, balloons, lawn-mowers, a lot of sweets that you only can buy at this kind of market, a lot of junk and a lot of high quality stuff.

It’s not exactly cheap and I never buy much at those events, but it’s fun to look around.

And in the middle of it all, there’s a fun-fair, where you can throw up all the stuff you bought and ate before… Did I mention, it was hot today?

My in-laws came to visit and brought some friends along, otherwise, I think, we would have stayed indoors, letting the market run its course without us. One of our guests was extremely tough and – in spite of the heat – refused to leave before she had had a good look at every single stand… oh well. Another endurance-test.

But it was fun and nice to meet all those people.

I took the occasion to take a picture of our biggest roundabout, that you runners might like:

2014-06-09 13.38.45

Usually, there’s way too much traffic around it. But as the roads were closed for the market, I got a chance.

At home, I made a refreshing drink, that’s quite simple to prepare: Just take some fresh mint leaves and other refreshing herbs that you like, like lemon balm for example, and stuff it in a bottle with cold water. Leave it for about 5 minutes and you have water with a little hint of something refreshing. You can refill the bottle as often as you like during the rest of the day. It’s really nice to have at a hot day like this.

After our guests had left in the afternoon, we decided, it would be best to get some sleep and get up again in the early evening. That’s what we did.

I’ll wrap it up for today with some pictures of our garden. It’s a little wilderness, but I like it that way.

2014-06-09 19.40.50 2014-06-09 19.40.30 2014-06-09 19.40.18



2 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 9 – heat and endurance

  1. Erst laufen und dann noch Pfingstmarkt… hartes Programm! So wie Du das Sortiment schilderst wäre das eine Veranstaltung, um die ich definitiv einen großen Bogen machen würde, oder die gleiche Bewegung wie die Jungs im Kreisverkehr 😉
    Liebe Grüße

    • Ja, so ganz mein Ding ist das auch nicht, aber unser Besuch war so happy. 🙂
      Naja, zum Anschauen ist das schon irgendwie ganz nett. Aber nicht zwingend bei 33°C.

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