RFTS Day 12 – 500m Intervals

That’s another 9,73 km for today. Including 10 x 500m Intervals that were quite interesting to run in the sun. There was sometimes a nice little breeze, but unfortunately no shade on the track. As the track is always deserted in the morning, especially during holidays, I was looking forward to run just in my sports-bra (and shorts of course). But no such luck, there was a young man sitting all alone on the bleachers. He didn’t do a thing. He just sat there. I don’t know whether the poor guy just wanted to be alone and I spoiled his day or whether there was something wrong with him. I didn’t speak to him though, he didn’t look ill or something and as he left me alone, I decided to do the same for him. He moved occasionally, so he was still alive, which was comforting, because I was running again from the zombies in my head.

It was way too hot again to feel comfortable, but I couldn’t get up earlier and when I finally had my running gear on, it turned out that the battery of my Garmin was running low again, so I had to wait for another half hour or so. And when I left around 11 am, the sun was out and heating the track.

The intervals were challenging – as they should be – but doable. I was even faster than my training-plan prescribed. That felt good. 500 m is kind of a strange distance though.

After the mysterious results of the medical checkup, I tried to check my max heart-rate on my own and ran the last 100 m of the last interval flat out. I got up to 182 bpm, although I’m not sure whether it would have gotten higher without the other intervals I did before. I think my legs were too tired to sustain this speed for much longer.

I did the compulsory bare feet lap around the infield once and then left the guy on the bleachers on his own. I wonder whether he’s still out there…


2014-06-12 12.19.44


5 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 12 – 500m Intervals

    • Ja, irgendwie war das schon seltsam. Ich hoffe nicht, dass er heute noch da hockt.
      Vielleicht hat er ja auch mental trainiert. Wer weiß das schon. So lange er mich in Ruhe gelassen hat, war’s ja ok. Jeder, wie er mag.

  1. Du bist zäh und hast einen starken Willen, in Hitze Intervalle zu laufen! Allerdings – mit diesem seltsamen Menschen da hätte ich mich nicht wohl gefühlt…
    Liebe Grüße und schönes Wochenende!

    • Zäh und langsam! Aber besser langsam als gar nicht. Wenn ich daran denke, dass meine Intervalle für die große Breite an Läufern eine bequeme Reisegeschwindigkeit darstellen… Aber daran denke ich besser nicht. Ich trete nur gegen mich selbst an.
      Ja, der Typ war schon irgendwie creepy, aber nun…

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