RFTS Day 13 – trying to keep the heart-rate down

3,47 km mostly in the woods today.

After my demanding interval-workout yesterday, cool soft trails seemed to be just the thing, even if there had to be some hill-climbing involved. After the results of my medical-checkup I have to change my heart-rate-zones completely. The heart-rate that resulted for my long slow and recovery runs at previous checkup two years ago was under 153. Now, I have to try and keep it under 140! Strictly speaking, it should be 132, but I told the doc, that I just couldn’t do that because it would involve more standing around than actual running. So he agreed to 140. As foreseen, there were a lot of walk-breaks involved, but I managed to keep my heart-rate mostly around 142.It’s a pity, because I could run quite „fast“ at 153 and now it seems as if I’m back to where I started. I still don’t get it, why my max heart-rate dropped from 195 to 183 in two years, but I confirmed it yesterday by running the last interval all out, letting my Polar watch having a go at a fitness test and the medical checkup, so I’m inclined to think it’s true. The doc told me that the max heart-rate doesn’t matter anyway and it’s all about the individual anaerobic threshold which has dropped from 176 to 163. Oh well…

Anyway, it was a nice little „run“ through the woods and the trails were soft and felt great.

2014-06-13 10.06.15 2014-06-13 10.06.54

The mountain-bikers are loving the trails, too, and tend to „improve“ them with hand-made obstacles. I tried to run over the second one, but it disintegrated… So I wonder how on earth they want to ride on it. But I didn’t find any bodies near the trail, so they seem to manage it somehow.

On a downhill section, someone has placed a sign without apparent reason.

2014-06-13 10.18.50

Beware! Of what? The trees? The downhill? The nettles? The bushes? The sign? There’s simply nothing on this stretch of small road, not even a crack in the pavement. Maybe they just needed to dump a sign somewhere.

2014-06-13 10.20.21 2014-06-13 10.20.14

That’s my favourite place on this route. I simply love water. Unfortunately, it’s also the end of the downhill-section, so I ran-walked back up and home past a lot of men with lawn-mowers in their front-yards.

Well, technically, I could (and maybe should) mow our lawn… but it’s still too hot out there. I guess, I’ll leave it until Monday.

Tomorrow’s gonna be way too early. I’ll have to run at 5:30 am to get my run in, because we will be away for the day and we’re not sure whether we’ll be back before midnight. I‘ ll let you know how I got out of bed.








2 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 13 – trying to keep the heart-rate down

  1. Heute mal ein kürzeres Läufchen – hast Du Dir verdient! Ich sehe es auch so, die anaerobe Schwelle zu kennen ist wesentlich wichtiger, als die maximale Herzfrequenz. Mit dem Wissen um diese Schwelle habe ich den Wien Marathon gut hinbekommen. Wegen der Maximalfrequenz: Wenn Dir das soviel zu grübeln gibt, dann mach doch regelmäßig einen kleinen Selbststest um zu sehen, ob sich da was auf Sicht verändert, oder ob stets das selbe Ergebnis rauskommt.
    In diesem Sinne, klasse wie Du RFTS durchziehst!
    Liebe Grüße

    • Danke! Das Streaken ist insofern ganz cool, als ich gar nicht drüber nachdenken muss, ob ich denn laufen gehen soll, sondern nur wann und wo. Morgen wird es erstmals eine Prüfung, weil ich mir die Zeit klauen muss. Ansonsten: Ich probier mal eine Weile die neuen Bereiche aus. Der Selbsttest macht nicht wirklich soooo viel Spaß…

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