RFTS Day 20 – relaxed

I got some very relaxed 4,7 km in today. There was sun, there was wind, it was not too hot, I kept a comfortable pace in comfortable shoes. Everything very relaxed. 🙂

No, I didn’t smoke anything, I just started the day at the gym, working out between elderly ladies who thought the gym was all theirs in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fond of elderly ladies working out. It’s great that they stay active. I want to be an elderly lady some day, who still kicks butt. 😉

What I don’t like, is that they think, that the gym belongs exclusively to them in the morning. They leave their towels on the machines, going away for a chat, not caring about other people who would maybe like to use this machine, too. Or they are sitting on the machine all right, but they chatter away for hours not moving a muscle (unless you count those of the mouth, of course). There is a perfectly nice space near the entrance, where you can sit, have a coffee (free to all members of the gym and as much as you like) and chat. But they don’t use it, o no, they like the slightly smelly place with the machines all around them much better. If they realize, that there are other people around, they stare at them. Mostly, they don’t realize it… 🙄

Ok, that’s enough ranting for today.

So after the gym, there was some shopping to be done. I don’t like grocery shopping. It stresses me out. But one has to eat something.

After this: Time to relax. We tried a really great new Asian recipe with glass-noodles and ginger and lots of herbs. It was yummy. After walking the cats, (or getting walked by the cats, to put it more precisely) I put my running-shoes on and went out there. Very relaxed. I felt a little that I had worked on the leg-press in the morning, but that was all right. As I went up a hill, I felt great. Running every day has a really huge training-effect.  I’m stunned!

Looks like those aliens have landed in the corn-field… again.

Looks like those aliens have landed in the corn-field… again.

In spite of the really nice weather, I didn’t meet many people. Usually, the course I ran is a very popular area for everyone wanting to get a bit of fresh air. All right with me!

Tomorrow’s going to be a long one again. I like it!

7 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 20 – relaxed

  1. Kannst Du mal ein Bild einstellen, wie Du mit den Katzen spazieren gehst? Ich find das ne lustige Vorstellung. Und das Gleiche, was ältere Leute im Fitness-Studio betreiben, machen sie auch auf der Schwimmbahn morgens um 6.30 Uhr. 🙂

    • Oh ja, das mit dem Schwimmbad kommt mir auch sehr bekannt vor. 🙂
      Ich muss mal nach einem geeigneten Bild suchen. Alle 3 kriegt man meistens nicht drauf, da die Damen ihre eigenen Wege gehen. Nur der Herr kommt an die Leine.

  2. Die Damen im Fitnessstudio würden mich auf die Palme bringen…! Ich finde so etwas rücksichtslos. Aber das Wetter ist ja wenigstens derzeit lauffreundlich – und damit Deinem Projekt hold!
    Spazierengehen mit Katzen – unsere würden uns da den Vogel zeigen. Deine scheinen da speziell zu sein.
    Liebe Grüße und schönen Lauf!

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