RFTS Day 21 – 25 – still alive

Well it’s been a while since my last blogpost, but sometimes life gets in the way. Or more precisely: work does. So it was strictly eat-work-sleep-run for the last few days. And I chose the additional half hour of sleep over the blogging.

So to keep you up to date, I’ll start with today and go backwards.

Day 25

Today didn’t start well. First, I had to take my car to the garage for its checkup. And although I had an appointment, they told me, it wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow. Great. I had to take a rental car to get back home and will have to use it to do my 140 commute to work and back tomorrow, and I don’t know how I’m going to tell them, that I’m not gonna pay the extra day and distance.

Because of the appointment I had to get up early on my day off and that after I had come home at about 0:30 after the opera.

And as if that hadn’t been enough, it’s this time of the month, where I basically have to live on painkillers and don’t feel to great. But I had to get a run in and some speed-intervals done. So I programmed my Forerunner and jogged to the track. When I got there, I noticed at once, that something was different. There were more cars than usual in the parking lot and a lot of people entering the stadium. Great. School competition. So I had to get back home first, because around the stadium, there’s nowhere to run.

So instead of the about 1km warmup, it was some 3km.

I decided to do laps around the pond, where it’s beautiful but hilly. So I told myself that this would be a great additional strength training which was true in theory, but not at this time of the month, when my muscles tend to lock up. It was challenging. But I did it.

After the intervals, I took my shoes off for some barefoot running. It’s a nice path in the woods that feels very soft – as long as you got shoes on. I don’t know what they put on it, it’s reddish, so maybe its ground bricks. It hurt like hell. When I wanted to get my shoes back on, I couldn’t, because at this time of the month my balance is all messed up and I couldn’t stand on one leg long enough to clean my feet a little and get the shoes on. So I hobbled cursing about 300m to the next bench. I can tell you that 300m can be a very very long way.

Today’s result: 8km planned, 12,19km done.

But I did it. I’m proud of myself!

Day 24 – Tuesday

I got up early to get my run in before work and did some nice and uneventful 7,71km in the morning-mist. It had rained during the night (at last!) And that’s why the air was cool and humid and very nice on the lungs. I enjoyed it a lot, facing a looooong workday, that would only end at around midnight. But I like going to the opera with students, and they were all nearly grown-ups, so I could relax and enjoy the show not worrying about someone misbehaving or getting lost in Stuttgart.

Day 23 – Monday

Rain! At last!

After the first day at work which is always really stressful, it felt great to get a run in in the evening and to get a nice little shower on the way.

2014-06-23 20.46.53

I did the usual 2,78 km around the pond and felt nature relax and have a drink. It’s always interesting to run after physical therapy, because it changes my stride, but it feels lighter and a little faster. It was fun, it was relaxing. It felt great!

Day 22 – Sunday

Sunday was a big day for my choir, as we had a musical project with another choir from Freiburg – a very nice town, about 80 km away. It was really great, with 2 choirs, trumpets and trombones and a BIG organ, and I didn’t want to think about getting back to work the next day. But I had to spend the rest of the day on my desk to prepare my stuff for Monday. Sigh! But in the evening, I got a very special run in with my love. Usually, we don’t run together as our strides, cadence, rhythm and overall fitness are too different, but this time I decided not to care about heart-rate, tempo or anything, and it was great fun. We just wanted to do a little jog around the pond, but after having finished that lap, it felt too good to stop, so we went on through the woods, and in the end, it was 5,78 km. It was way later than I had planned, but I thought, what the hell… time to enjoy the here and now.

Day 21 – Saturday

Saturday’s longrun-day. I got 18,55km in but was really toast at the end. As I tried to have a really low heart-rate for the first 2 thirds of the way, I had to go really slowly and it seems that that’s more work for the legs.

2014-06-21 09.45.22

I wore my new backpack which has proven itself worthy. 🙂 And I really needed the water. I had to start early, because there would be a big choir rehearsal in the afternoon, and it was cool and windy in the beginning. But when the sun came out, it got interesting in my windstopper-clothes. I couldn’t take the vest off, because I was afraid of getting a cold, being soaked underneath.

2014-06-21 09.45.47 2014-06-21 09.53.40 2014-06-21 09.55.20 2014-06-21 09.55.28 2014-06-21 10.36.11

The scenery is beautiful after having passed through an industrial park, you get a huge reward.

After around 10 km, my legs didn’t want to go on anymore. But I told them, that they’d have to. Of course, I could have taken the train home. I had brought some emergency-money with me. But that would feel like defeat. It got better, when I could run at last a little faster.

The course’s a little mean, because it’s a long downhill towards the industrial park, which means, that it’s a long uphill back home. It’s not really steep. It’s just long. I had to take a few walk breaks, when a car pulled up beside me. The driver didn’t speak German. Or at least, I didn’t understand him. He wanted to know: „Where’s fallalala?“ I looked at him, confused. He repeated: „Falllalala! Car… is…not…good. Fallalla.“ Unfortunately, „Fallalla“ isn’t really a German word. I really wanted to help. But how?

Then he asked where the town was. This I understood. I didn’t understand how he managed to get lost on this road which basically leads from the town to the industrial parc and nowhere else, but at last, I could help the poor guy.

The whole way home, I kept wondering what the heck „Fallalla“ could be, but I didn’t figure it out.

After the rehearsal, my love and I went to her home-town to a wine-festival. Thanks to the soccer game it was quite calm there. Usually, there are so many people, that you can barely move, but this time it was very relaxed. It got late… no blogging possible.


Tomorrow, I’ll get a little run in before work and I hope, that I can write my blog as usual in the afternoon/evening.

6 Kommentare zu “RFTS Day 21 – 25 – still alive

  1. Erstens: schön dass du noch da bist! Zweitens: wieder ganz schön viel gelaufen, wow! Drittens: Auch ganz gut zu lesen, dass du auch ganz ’normal‘ bist und manchmal nicht viel neben Arbeiten und Laufen unterkriegst. Und zuletzt: das mit der hormonalbedingten Balanzschwäche ist mir noch nicht aufgefallen, ich werde da mal drauf achten.

    • Erstens, danke!
      Zweitens, hat Spaß gemacht, und tut es immer noch. 🙂
      Drittens, ich glaube, du bist der erste Mensch, der mich als normal bezeichnet. 😀
      Und zuletzt: achte nicht zu sehr drauf, sonst redest du deinem System noch was ein. Bei mir wird die Koordination insgesamt schlecht.

  2. Bin beruhigt, Du bist noch da und läufst wahnsinnig fleißig weiter… Ja ist manchmal so, dass der Alltag einem kaum die Luft lässt, umso bewundernswerter, dass Du Deinen RFTS durchziehst. Ja, Du hast Grund, stolz auf Dich zu sein!
    Liebe Grüße

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