RFTS 2015 – Day 1

Öhm… jetzt hab ich gestern noch geschrieben, dass ich weniger bloggen würde, da erwähnt mich der Coach in seinem Podcast und erzählt, dass er sich so auf meine neuen Postings freut… Ich kann doch den Coach nicht enttäuschen! Da Coach Jeff und 90% der anderen Teilnehmer kein Deutsch sprechen, wird’s jetzt englisch.

Right… so I’ll write at least a few sentences about my running experience on Day 1 of the Run for the Sun 2015.

It felt great to be out there again at last after having had two colds in one month. Well maybe it was one cold which came back – who knows.

It was a nice easy run: 3.8 km in a brand new pair of Hokas. Hokas are made for ultra-runners, so they were more than up to the task.

The weather was a little weird: 22°C with heavy clouds, a little sun and a slight drizzle, but it felt SO GOOD!

I had to be careful not to go too fast. Mainly because the shoes told me to run faster. But as I try to be smart concerning my health, I held back the best I could.

I listened to The Running Podcast most of the way, and it was strange to hear the Coach doing a hard tempo run, while I was trying to go easy. 🙂

By the way, Jochen got in touch with me. That’s the first time, someone close to my home – well at least not hundreds or thousands of kilometers away – participates in the same online-event as I do. So we decided to meet at least once during the RFTS. Looks like we’ll both be in Stuttgart for the Brooks Run Happy – Tour. That’s really cool!

RFTS HokasI’m already looking forward to my run tomorrow!


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