RFTS Day 5 – Run for the shades

Did I mention the heat? I mean… it’s really hot here.

2015-06-05 13.28.58

So today’s run was more of a run for the shades than a run for the sun. I did a really slow and easy run, trying to keep the heart rate als low as possible, and I chose a route that went mostly through the woods. It has some hills though, which I had to walk in order to keep my heart rate happy.

It’s so hot, that you can smell the water of our little lake – more of a pond, really. If the weather doesn’t change soon, it’ll become the world’s largest bouillabaisse.

Gauger Schatten

As if that wasn’t enough, people are starting to making their own barbecue of themselves. They get funny ideas how to dress adequately in bright sunshine. Well, it might be alright for men to go out shirtless if there’s not too much wobbling around. Women in bra-tops are all right, too. But it’s definitely not a good idea, if you are a heavily overweight elderly lady, to go out nordic-walking with only a bra (and I’m not talking about a nice sports bra here) on and the straps stripped off the shoulders – and then to get sunburn all over the huge skin-surface. (rant over)

I enjoyed my slow 5.7 km anyway and I just love the woods at this time of year.

This piece of wood, I call it the fairy-wood, because it’s so light and green on the ground, that I expect unicorns and fairies to come out any minute. I’ve never seen one so far, but I keep on hoping. 🙂


Near the end of my run, I cross a small creek. Not much water around now.


As I’m writing this, I’m sitting outside our house, feeling very inspired by our little panther here. I won’t be able to do much for the rest of the day.

Fee im Schatten

But there definitely will be strength training in the gym this evening – when it’s cooler.

I’m afraid, I’ll have to get up early tomorrow morning to get my long run in. Otherwise, I won’t make it.

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