Run for the Sun – Update with a lot of pictures

Well, I wanted to write a lot more about the RFTS 2015, but life – or work – got in the way. So it was either blogging or getting my runs in. Guess what I chose. 😉

Anyway… I’m still going, still having fun and I’d like to take you on a run through my last days of the Run for the Sun, showing mostly impressions of my running terrain. Come along! The most astonishing thing for me is that I started getting my runs in early in the morning before work. I never considered myself an early bird, but it’s great to get up and do something that belongs entirely to myself. And I got the chance of capturing some amazing moments.

So let’s start with Day 9:

Day 9I had been hoping for some rain, and I got it. It rained all night and in the morning, the fog was rising out of the fields.

I got 4.6 km in that day and it felt good!

Day 10 didn’t bring much of a change as far as the weather was concerned, but I had a little more time and I ran 6.2 km on one of my favorite loops through the fairy-forest.

Day 10On Day 11 I could only run the short route with 2.7 km, but it was such a beautiful morning as the sun was slowly rising through the mist. See for yourself:

Day 11 Day 11-2 Day 11-3 Day 11-4Day 12 – 2.7 km again. Way too early in the morning. Even the sun didn’t want to get up yet. So she sent the moon instead.

Day 12Day 13: Race-Day! I did my very first 10k trailrun through the black forest. I wore my RFTS-Race bib of course! You can find the report and the pictures here – in German. So if you don’t understand German, just take a look at the pictures. I couldn’t take any during the race, because I had to mind my steps, but it gives you a nice impression of a little German town. 🙂

The race was quite challenging because there was a lot of altitude gain involved, but I loved it anyway.

So on Day 14 I woke up with sore quads that I cured with the foam-roller and a nice jog of 4.6 km. Day 14It had been raining all night and everything was soaking wet.

On Day 15 it rained so hard that I couldn’t get my iPhone out to take pictures. But I did 2.7 km before work – that is to say, at 5 a.m.

Day 16 started with a lot of mist but without the rain. Seems, that summer’s broken, because I had to turn the heating back on in our house and haven’t turned it off since. It was cold. Around 9°C. But 4.6 km it was. 🙂

Day 16Having not been able to run before work, I was happy to get 9.2 km in on Day 17 after having been stuck in three traffic jams in a row. I was happily singing „Yellow Submarine“ to myself. The picture will tell you, why. „Sky of blue… and sea of green…“

Day 17I simply love those fields of barley.

Day 18 brought beautiful sunshine in the morning. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. But during my 4.6 km run, it was perfect.

Day 18 Day 18 - 2Day 19: 5 a.m. and 2.7 km again, and just an incredible morning sky.

Day 19 Day 19-2So, Coach, I’m so grateful for those precious moments! I never thought, I could run so early, but it’s totally worth it! And I guess I’ll keep it up even after the month of June.

Today was my 20.6 km long run and for the first time, I didn’t feel so great. Maybe I had too much lasagna before the run. I don’t know, but I can’t expect to feel great every day, can I?

So that’s 122 km and 17 hours of running so far. Let’s see where all this leads…

Let me know, how you’re all doing!

3 Kommentare zu “Run for the Sun – Update with a lot of pictures

  1. Sehr schöne Morgenbilder hast du uns da mitgebracht! Und auf dem guten Weg zum Junistreak bist du auch noch.
    Allerdings 2.7km um 5 Uhr morgens genießen?? Manchmal gehe ich ja auch so früh laufen, weil’s sich sonst nicht ausgeht. Aber die ersten 20-30 Minuten bin ich echt müde und ein wenig grummelig. Aber jeder das ihre, wenn’s froh macht.

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