RFTS Day 11 – running in new shoes

8,27 km for today, in new shoes! 🙂

The Saucony Kinvara really feels very light and comfy. I guess, I found my shoe for the upcoming marathon-relay at the end of june.

Having been depressed yesterday because of the devastating results of the medical-checkup (devastating for my ego, that is), I was glad to be able to run so well in a lightweight shoe. I wouldn’t have been able to do this a few years ago, so there has been some considerable improvement in my stride.

Having not slept too well the night before, I wasn’t out as early as planned and the heat is still up. But it felt a lot cooler in the shade, and I saw some puddles on the road, so there must have been some rain during the night. Weiterlesen

Meine „Streitrösser“ – ja, ich habe ein Laufschuhproblem…

Was ist ein ordentlicher Laufblog ohne einen Schuh-Report?

Ich habe übrigens alle diese Schuhe selbst beim Laufschuhhändler meines Vertrauens (Run2 Freiburg) erworben, so dass ich nicht durch irgendwelche Firmengeschenke beeinflusst bin. Nicht, dass ich was gegen solche Geschenke hätte, ich habe nämlich einen echten Schuhtick. Weiterlesen